Azure Container Instances

don't get me wrong, I love #serverless

but ACI makes me giddy

it's the sweet spot between #serverless and all that management overhead inevitable with complex scenarios in the real world of #containers

for a quick test I thought I'd help out the Archive Team (
and omg seriously quick (using the console within the Azure Portal):

# az container create -g ATW --name archiveteamwarrior --image archiveteam/warrior-dockerfile --ip-address public --port 8001

and that was it: there is now an Archive Team Warrior container running on Azure, without the need for me to set up a Linux VM, without running any docker commands, etc. Just the above one line and that was it.

PS: when you do this for yourself, there may be a delay in that port being opened.
and if it doesn't open within 10mins. delete and redeploy. it's a preview!